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Can We Just Be Real?

You will have to forgive me because I am about to get on a soapbox.  Social media has frankly just ruined us.  No, you know I love social media, but the filter that it is run through has ruined us.  We just have to be perfect now.   Want proof?  Let me share with you.  Now, I know this is a joke, but it is the truth as well. 
Why do I use this as an example?  Because let's be honest, no little child, unless pressured by parents would choose the outfit on the left.  They want to be messy, play, be comfortable, and all sorts of things, but we feel so pressured as a society to be perfect for the camera that we have ALL stopped being real.   Everything in life must be Instagram worthy and it is making us ALL depressed.  



Stop pressuring yourself to make every occasion look perfect.  Stop making yourself feel like every Birthday Party, Baby Reveal, Engagement Photo, and the rest of life's occasions needs to be perfect.  We keep raising the stakes and no one... No One... NO ONE is happier as a result.  As a matter of fact, statistics prove the opposite is the fact.  Everyone is actually more depressed because we are constantly trying to make this perfect event occur, we work tirelessly for it to occur, and then when it is done we anyalyze, think of how it could have been better, we see how ____'s event was better, have a letdown because ours is over, and start preparing for the next one.  

Can we agree on something, we need to calm down, relax, and stop making everything another event and start living again.   Not living for our social media pictures, but just living.  Someone is always going to outdo you!  It's ok, so live for you, not for the likes on social media.  The person that you see that is always well put together... They woke up JUST LIKE YOU!  They just made themselves a little more miserable trying to outdo everyone.   Now, I am not advocating living as one of the "People of Walmart".  No, I am just saying BE YOURSELF!  

Parents, let me address the picture above.  LET YOUR CHILDREN BE CHILDREN!  Stop trying to make them miniature versions of yourself.  Let them be messy, let them play, let them pick out mismatched clothes, God himself put a special image in them at their creation and they were not born to be miniature version of adults, they were born to be unique identities made in the image of God.   Teach them God's word rather than teaching them to be a fashionista.  Let them be imperfect and then teach them how God makes them whole.  I've got news for you.  That child on your friends instagram account that always looks put together so well... You know the one.  They puked all over themselves after they ate today.  They shoved a cheerio up their nose yesterday.  They had a blow-out in their diaper that was so bad that dad hurled and mom wondered how much stuff comes out of such a small child.   They were crawling around in a onsie that has formula stains on it.  THEY ARE NOT PERFECT!  They just are trying to make you think that they have it all together.    

We are broken people saved by an amazing God.  Can we try to stop outdoing each other and be real?  Can we stop they constant war on Insta to have the most put together look and just chill?   I think we would all be happier and definately more well rested if we were real with ourselves, with each other, and real with God.  

Matthew 11:28 "Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."

Well, that is my 2 cents for today.  



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