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On the Right Path

I am on the right path.  This is something that I can say with great certainty at this point.  How can I say this with assurance?   Well, people having been speaking truth into my life over the past couple of weeks.  I am not going to lie.  On Monday, October 15th, I woke up and said, “What am I doing?  I just quit my job of 11 years... with no prospect of a job!”  I spent some time on the road that day going to recover my camper from Talladega and had time to think and pray in the truck.  God flooded my heart with peace.  Peace that this was a call from him, not my flesh.   Still, I was wondering... Wondering what I was supposed to do now.  I knew that God was calling me to something that goes beyond just an impact on youth, and instead something that impacts the family as a whole.  I was feeling deep in my heart that this was a call to pastorate or a teaching/preaching/next steps ministry.   How did this come on my heart?  Well, lets take a step back in time.

In July this year, I was invited to attend an amazing conference.  It is called the Grow Leadership Intensive and it was life changing.  It awakened a realization in my life about how church should be done to impact the next generation and I was ready... Ready to charge the strongholds of hell with a Water Pistol.  I saw this great plan to help the church reach the lost, disciple the saved, grow the church, and help the church train people to continue the mission of the church to make disciples far into the future.  Then I realized something else.  This was my new mission.  My new mission still included youth, but it went beyond this and into the whole community of faith.

So, here I sit, an unemployed former youth pastor, waiting... Waiting on this next ministry opportunity.  But, while I wait, God is at work.  I recently started getting texts, emails, fb posts, and messages telling me that God has been preparing me for this new mission all along.  What do these messages say?  “You were not just our youth pastor, but instead, you were our pastor.”  “You may have thought of yourself as a youth pastor, but you were so much more, you were a pastor to our family.”  “Your messages touched not only the lives of the students, but also everyone who heard you.”  “God has been preparing you over many generations for a mission and message that will blow even your own mind.”  WOW, WOW, WOW!  I am touch, moved, and my heart is bursting.  These are just a few messages of many, many more that have come in.  God is preparing me for something amazing and I cannot wait to see what door He is about to open.

My urging to you in all of this... When God says move, it may defy logic, but do not worry, God is up to something amazing!

Excited and expectant about the future,



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