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Michael Walters
Somerville, AL                        

Ministry Objective
My calling is to work in the area of Pastoral Ministry.  While I have worked for the majority of my career in student ministry, God has shifted my calling to the areas of Lead Pastor, Campus Pastor,  Associate Pastor,  or Missions Pastor. 

Personal Testimony
I grew up in a Christian family and became a Christian when I was seven years old.  As a teenager, I noticed that I had drifted from the proper direction and recommitted my life to the Lord.  Around the age of sixteen, I started to feel God calling me into the ministry and about one year later I publicly surrendered to the ministry in my home church.  

Biographical Information
Licensed and Ordained:
First Baptist Church of Hartselle Al

Wife: Mary Elizabeth Walters
Children: Nancy Walters & Andrew Walters

Master of Arts, Christian Education
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 2010

Bachelor of Science, Religion
Minor: Business Administration
University of Mobile  1998

Church Related Professional Experience
Associate Pastor – Shiloh Baptist Church 
Somerville,  AL. October 2007 – October 2018
Responsibilities include leading a Weekly Worship Service for the Student Ministry, planning and executing an education and discipleship program for the students.  Additional responsibilities include planning discipleship and Sunday School programs for the entire church, oversight of education ministry staff, and producing the annual outreach production, “The Judgment Seat.”  Administrative responsibilities include technology, advertising, and communications for the church.

Minister of Students – Bethany Baptist Church, Andalusia, AL. 

December 2002 – October 2007
Responsibilities included planning activities and events for the student department, as well as coordinating a program of discipleship, teaching, and outreach to help students grow in their relationship with Christ.  Responsible for teaching and coordinating a worship service for students on Wednesdays.

Volunteer Teacher/Leader – Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC. 

Fall 2000-Fall 2002
Taught a youth Sunday School class, led in Bible Study on a fill-in basis, helped plan and lead activities and chaperone events. 

Minister of Youth and Activities - Chickasaw First Baptist, Chickasaw, AL.  

April 1997–December 1999.
Responsibilities included teaching youth and planning events for spiritual growth and outreach.  Responsibilities also included planning and preparing activities for the church as a whole and maintaining recreational facilities. 

Youth Minister - First Baptist Church of Point Clear, Point Clear, AL.  

January 1997-April 1997.
Responsibilities included teaching the youth on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. 
retreats, and helped direct Sunday School program. 

Parachurch and Volunteer Ministry Service
First Priority Regional Coordinator, Somerville, AL.
2011 - 2017 
Coordinate and train Campus coaches to be missionaries to students on local campuses.

Camp Pastor - World Changers, North Bennington, VT.  

July 2012
Responsibilities included teaching evening worship service and coordination with  summer mission staff to ensure a successful mission week.

Area Youth Ministry Network Leader, Andalusia, AL. 

Spring 2003 - October 2007
Coordinated youth leaders in the area in order to bring large events to the Covington County area.

Volunteer Abstinence Presenter, Sav-A-Life, Andalusia, AL. 

Fall 2004 – October 2007

Mission Trips 
Guatemala City, Guatemala; Boston, MA; North Bennington, VT; 

Buffalo, NY; Springfield, IL; Bismark, MO; Roanoke, VA; 
Jamestown, NY;  Baltimore, MD; Atlanta, GA; Weirton, WV.


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