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Standing at the Precipice

All of us who know Christ are standing at the edge of something big!  Why?  Because of the fact that we are indwelled by the Spirit of God and empowered by Him.  The big thing is different for each of us and the biggest thing that we are standing on the edge of is an eternity with Him.  But the big does not have to wait for eternity.  There are big things that Gd wants to do in our life now.  So what is holding us back?  The truth is it is our own fears and insecurities coupled with the desire to please others rather than Christ.  Far too often we allow the opinions and desires of other people to dictate what we will do for Christ rather than Christ himself.  You takes those opinions and then mash them together in the blender of life with our predicting fears and it is a recipe for a life full of doing NOTHING!  
God desires to do exceptionally great things in our lives.   He takes us to the edge of a precipice, shows us the wonder out things He has made, extends His hand, and says “Do you trust me?”   The truth is most of us look out at the edge of this awesome moment with God and say, I trust you, but not that much.  The storms of the opinions of others and the wind of their quiet (sometimes no quiet) Judgment whip around us, and the lighting of our own fears flashes in the distance, and we step back.  We whisper to God, I love you, but I cannot do this right now.  Folks, the time is now.  Let’s step out into the unknown and if God takes us to a precipice and says, Do you trust me enough to leap?  SAY YES!  Leap into the unknown.  The exilleration of trusting in God will wipe away our own fear and the opinions of others.  There is something amazing that God wants to do in your life (and mine) today.  Take the leap and trust in Him.  

That’s my 2 cents for today...



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  So, I was out for a walk tonight and listening to some worship music and this came on my playlist. I am a huge fan of Bethel Music. It is powerful and it can break you to your very core. As I was listening to this song, I could feel God speaking to be me...   The truth given to me was... Why do you worry so much? Why do you fear so much? Why do you not fully trust? Why don't you give it all up to me? See, we hold on to so much stuff. One of the biggest is our time, talent, and possessions. We are so afraid that if we do not maintain control (or a the image of control) then we will lose everything. Guess what, you can either give it to God or the world will take it, but you control NOTHING! God liberates us when we cast off our meager and pitiful attempts to control our lives. We must give it ALL TO HIM and then we are no longer slaves. I am not sure who said it, but there is a famous quote that says, "Show me your bank statement and show me