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A New Chapter

Novels and Stories are broken into chapters.  Each of these chapters in a novel cover a different aspect of the story.  Generally a chapter indicates a new twist or turn in the story of the main characters life.  As you finish a chapter, you know something new is around the next corner.

Well, Sunday, I wrapped one chapter and today, I start a new chapter.  The weird thing is, I do not know what the twist or turn will be in this chapter.  I just know, one part of my story finished.  For the past 11 years, my story has been: raising my family in the midst of the growing time in my children's lives in Somerville, AL, pouring into the lives of students at Shiloh, leading mission trips, teaching at First Priority and FCA clubs, teaching chapel at co-op, and being involved in life in this community of Somerville/Cotaco.  Well, that chapter closed yesterday.

What does this new chapter hold.  First and foremost, being a faithful believer/leader and good father and good husband.  The rest, well, I guess that is for the great author of our lives to decide.  I know that I need not fear because HE holds my future in his hands. His plans are for good for our lives.  I know this, I am fairly certain that a pastorate or church plant is in my future, but I do not know what or where that may be.  For the time being, I will be searching for a place to root my life in this area and will be checking out some of my pastor-friends' churches and seeing where God wants us to set-up shop for the time being.  I will also be looking for a job during this time.   I will be reading, studying, and seeking the wisdom and will of God.  I will also be teaching.  I will probably be leading a Facebook Live Bible Study starting in the near future, so stand by for that information. 

I can say this with great certainty, I AM EXCITED!  I cannot wait to see what God does!

Let me close with this...
To my friends, students, and church members at Shiloh, let me say, THANK YOU!  I LOVE YOU!  You will never know or understand the impact that you have had on my life.  It has been profound.  You have taught me and hopefully I have taught you as well.  You are all family that I will carry with my in my heart wherever God may lead us.  Stay in the word, live the word, and let the Spirit lead and guide you.

God Bless,


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