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(some thoughts God put on my heart this morning)

Many doubt the power of words.  The impact of things said to someone’s face or even not to their face (behind their back).  Words are significant!  They carry the power of life and death.  They carry to power to make someone feel like a million dollars or the power to make them feel like the biggest failure.

Prob 18:21 says “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.”

From all of my years serving in the church I can see evidence of this first hand.  I have had my heart broken by words and I have broken people with my own words.  I have seen my own heart lifted by words and lifted others hearts with the words of life from God’s word.

I noticed a trend.  If we say to ourselves or others the words, this would hurt ___’s feelings or say, don’t tell _____, but... yet we allow the words to pass from our lips, we should not be saying it or even speaking it.  Guess what, it will make it back to ____ sooner than you think.  ____ is going to be hurt and lose their passion and trust as a result.

Words have life as well.  I have noticed that God has put people in my life at just the right time to speak the words of life into my heart at just the right moment.  That moment when I am ready to wave the white flag and walk away and give up.  What if all believers pledged to speak only words of life?  We eliminated hate, devastation, corrupt talk from our lips. What if we took the moment we feel hateful towards someone we took that moment to speak life into that persons life that we were angry at?  HOW THAT WOULD CHANGE US AND THEM!!!

I am convinced revival has not come to the church in America is simply because we tear each other up too much for the Spirit to sincerely move.  It’s time to put hate aside and embrace life!   Speak life into someone’s life today... Fix a broken relationship today... Mend a heart today with the power of words... Watch God move as a result!!!!

My 2 cents for today...


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